Monday, August 25, 2014

God Moments Number 1

So I have had so many of these moments, and I really need a place to log them all for my own sake.  So that I can remember that GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!  At least that was what the last God Moment I had reminded me.  

I was sitting in Mass with my five children.  I have taken them often to mass by myself, and although not easy it is not usually that bad.  But this occasion was exceptionally challenging.  And it was mostly my fault.  

The baby was sleeping in her car seat at my feet for the first few minutes.  My four and six year old kept kicking their feet close to the cars seat and I was gradually flipping out that they were going to wake her.  First I gently reprimanded them not to do that. Then I slowly lost control.  Next squeezing their sweet little legs as tight as I could while sternly looking to warn them a second time that this was unacceptable.  The third time I had to tell them to stop, I tried to discretely duck behind the pew to give them my best hushed reprimand.  Finally I decided to move the sleeping baby's car seat out of reach of them, and guess what....   Yep. She woke up.  UGH!!!!!!! 

It all was down hill from there. I was trying to be a good example to my children by focusing on the Mass and keeping a prayerful posture.  However I was also nursing the now awake baby, coaxing the four year old to keep her dress down and not flash the entire pew her underwear, AND keep the 6 and 8 year old from either laughing out loud or fighting.  I finally lost it. I wanted to scream out loud, but instead I started quietly yelling at God in my head.

"YOUR THE ONE WHO GAVE ME THESE FIVE CHILDREN, AND YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD HELP ME, WHY ARE YOU NOT HELPING ME?!?!?!??!"  Within seconds of me praying this prayer of desperation, a woman two rows behind me comes forward and whispers to me, "Can I help you?"  

WOW! That was fast.  I hate accepting help from other people, but it was so clearly God answering my prayer, that I couldn't refuse.  She looked at my four year old, and invited her to sit with her the rest of the mass, to which she surprisingly agreed.  I was stunned.   

I asked for help and HE put it on one of my friends hearts to offer.  How else did I expect God to help me? Was he going to miraculously change my children right then? Of course not.  But he used my friend to help me, and not only did I feel amazing after that, I think she felt great too.


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