Monday, September 1, 2014

Jumper Cables are AWESOME!!!!

SO my new favorite thing is getting used by God.  

Really I am embarrassed that this is a new thing.  I mean I should have been doing this for years.   Now I have never been used by God to do anything huge, like talk someone off a ledge, or rescue a desperate person.  (At least not that I'm aware of.)  However he did use me once recently to allow someone to jump their car engine off of my car's, and it was AMAZING!  TOTALLY ROCKING MY SOCKS, ORGASMIC AMAZING.  Who knew? Jumper cables?

I was basically driving down my street to pick up my four year old at pre-school.  I didn't have anything to do at home and so I left to get her a little earlier than I needed to.  For no reason.   THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!

Half way down my block I see a nice looking woman in the middle of the street, looking desperate, and as I drive by, I see her mouth the words, "Can you help me?"  It took me a second to feel the tug, but I did.  So I stopped.  She then explained that her car battery needed a jump, and her phone was dead, and she couldn't get back into the house that she just finished cleaning to use the phone.  She really needed to get somewhere but was stranded.

She had the cables, and she knew how to do it, so all I needed was to pull my car next to hers.  That's it.  That was all God needed for me at that moment.  He didn't ask me to give this woman a ton of money or to feed her entire family.  She just needed another car with a working battery.  How easy is that?!?!?!

I did, and it worked, and she thanked me enthusiastically for helping her.  It was so easy, and I felt so good!!!  I mean really?  That was all it took?  That was all you needed for me at that moment?  WOW. GOD!!!  I should pay more attention!  You know?

Try it!!!!  Meanwhile I am screaming USE ME AGAIN GOD!  I LOVED IT!! (whew!  incredible.)

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