Saturday, March 14, 2015

Did I mention that my husband and I are not the same denominations?

So I realize for most people different denominations is not a big deal. Usually one spouse converts or just starts going to the other spouses church, or else together they pick a new religion and raise their kids in that tradition.

Yeah well, that's not us.  I am a totally fired up Catholic.  I love my faith, and I totally get it.  I believe it.  I UNDERSTAND it.  (I realize this alone might be unusual!). My husband is a true to his roots Southern Baptist.  He loves his faith, the methods of worship at his church, the children's programs (they are amazing!) and doesn't get my catholic faith at all.  He doesn't understand it, and he doesn't like it.  

We are totally stuck.  I could never Imagine abandoning by beliefs, and he feels equally unimpressed with the Catholic faith. 

So what have we been doing these past eleven years and five kids later???  I'm so glad you asked.  

We go to two churches.  Yes, every Sunday we wake up and go to a totally spirit filled Baptist church.  The kids go to Sunday school,  and we enjoy worship or help out in the nursery.  Then, either Sunday afternoon or evening I take the older kids to mass.  Sometimes he joins us, but not always.  

This is definitely NOT recommended!   But it has been working for us.  And although not easy, it is probably more in line with what sabbath is about than we realize.   We are spending two hours on Sunday worshiping God, instead of one.  (Still not great, but better.  Right?!?!?)

Please pray for my family!  Pray that we are united in faith one day.  (Which is the real reason for this post.)  Pray that someday ALL Christians are united in faith.    And if you have similar stories of interfaith/interdenominational marriage; Share!!!  I would love to know how other couples with interdenominational marriages make it work.

Update: (12/18/16)
This is getting more and more difficult as our kids get older.  It is so confusing to the kids, and I tend to take it personally when my husband doesn't attend Mass with the rest of us.  I tend to paint rosey pictures of some very UN ROSEY situations.   Keep on praying.  AND for all those well intentioned wonderful mixed denomination couples out there considering marriage....well just know this is A LOT harder than we make it sound.

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