Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let's Build and EMPIRE!!! (Not for us though...)

I have written before that my husband is a Baptist.  He loves Jesus and we have many things in common that relate to our faith, but living these differences every day is a major struggle.

For one thing, I love love love my Catholic faith.  I get super excited about something cool I read about the Catholic Church, or an event, or a retreat that I just returned from and my poor husband doesn't get it.  He doesn't share my joy with me and many times we end up arguing.  

He loves loves loves his Baptist faith, and listening to pod casts from his favorite pastors.  He wants to share his excitement with me.  Sometimes during the podcast it will mention something about "papists" or bring up some issue they have with the council of trent and I get totally defensive and we end up arguing again.  (And then i have to go google the council of trent to see what happened!)

Our children are being raised in both faiths, which I know is going to get confusing, and it's probably only going to get more difficult.  I know with God all things are possible, but I am not sure if God had created my husband at the time that phrase was written, and I seriously wonder sometimes if we will ever be united in faith.  

But the good news is I have an amazing solution!!!  Really, I know that if this one little thing happened everything would be much easier and we could finally worship our Lord from a unified place.  


Here it comes....

ALL Christians unite!!!  O my goodness that would be a dream come true.  I am certain God never intended for all the arguing and division.  (It's like when my own children argue about stupid things, and I say, "I don't care who is right and who is wrong, just quit fighting!!!!)  And I honestly think God's plan might be to unite the world, and then my husband will be FORCED to join the team.  Because there will be only ONE team!!!

So what can we do??? Well I know this sounds rediculously simple but I think it will totally work.


Yes, you read that right.  Let's just love everyone!!! Love the Baptists! Love the Methodists! Love the Lutherans and Presbyterians!  Invite them to stuff, and don't worry for a second they are not Catholic.  Then if they invite you to their things, (which I'll bet you a million bucks they will) Go!!! Go and enjoy it and worship your heart out! And show them that Catholics are the real deal!!! And then keep inviting them to your stuff.  If they have questions, find out answers!  Share with them!  

I think it would totally work!!! Got any other ideas???

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