Monday, January 18, 2016

Cross Country skiing tracks...

I live in Florida.  I was born and raised here, and know very little about skiing or anything winter related.  However, a few years ago during the Winter Olympics I noticed something about Cross Country skiing that I had never realized before.  The skiers ski in pre-set tracks.

Did anyone see this, or notice this???  They are skiing in these tracks, or trenches, and pretty much stay in them unless they want to pass someone ahead of them.  And then they have to hop out of the tracks, push forward, and trudge through the thick powder, along side the tracks, and then hop back in front.  (It seems like a lot of work to me, to pass someone, I guess I am just not that competitive?!)

Watching this olympic event, I said a prayer.  "PLEASE LORD, CAN YOU MAKE MY TRACKS EXTRA EXTRA DEEP???"
I don't want to get into a discussion regarding pre-destination vs. free-will or anything even close to that here.  But I do know for sure that with out a doubt, whatever it is that God desires for my LIFE, it will be way better than what I desire for my life.  So if possible I would like to relinquish my free will, and just become God's robot.

Darn, I don't think God will answer that prayer.  He wants me to FREELY CHOOSE His Will...everyday.

UGH!!!!  That is not easy to do, and sometimes I make mistakes.  Sometimes, because I am confused.  Sometimes because I am selfish.  And sometimes because I am both.  Either way, whenever i jump out of my tracks it is not going to be as good as staying in my tracks.  And when I make mistakes, I am worried that it will snowball into greater mistakes later.  (Sometimes it does.)

Alright then God, Here is my prayer again, "Please Lord, can you make my tracks so deep it would be nearly impossible for me to hop out of them??  And can you plant my skis firmly in the ground and make them really really heavy?  That way technically I am still freely choosing to stay in your will, but maybe it is more because it would BE WAY MORE Difficult to leave those tracks than it would be stay in.  Not necessarily because I am great at obedience.  Because, I mean really, which of us, is great at Obedience???  Mother Theresa??  Saint Theresa of Liseuix?  Exactly.  Not me.

1 Corinthians 16:13 should have maybe been written this way if the apostle Paul had read my blog. "Be on guard, ski firm in the faith, be strong, be courageous."

Happy Martin Luther King Day Everyone!!

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