Friday, February 19, 2016

Heavenly Birthdays and other saintly things...

My Mom!!!

First of all I need to make clear that I really have no idea what I am talking about...pretty much most of the time.  But I have some ideas, that to me - sound so amazing, if any of these things are even close to accurate, I would think it was pretty cool.

My Mom passed away 8 years ago.  We celebrate her "heavenly birthday" each year on February 16th - because that was the day she left this earth and was "birthed" into the next life.  We make a cake, and even sing, and my kids all blow out the candles.  It's actually been a great way to honor my Mom's memory and to talk about her to my kids who were very young, or not even born when she died.

However, considering time does NOT exist after this world, (I know I can't comprehend that either.) I am pretty sure they don't celebrate her heavenly birthday in heaven.  Who cares, it is more for us anyway. 

However, I am beginning to wonder if February 16th were my Mom's true Feast Day as a Saint what would she do up in heaven on her feast day?  And for that matter what are ALL the other saints doing on their feast days up in heaven???  Maybe they are having a dance party with Jesus?  Or maybe they are getting together at one of the other Saint's mansions, having a party?  Or maybe they get a special seat at the banquet table that day?  Who knows???  But I am sure something happens on their feast day up there, and it is fun to think about for a second; right? 

Which brings me to this other crazy thought.  Now please don't judge me here, but a few years ago this idea came to me.  After my Mom passed, we had a LOT of masses said for her.  Some were requested by our friends and family, and my brother and sisters and I had a few said for a while too.  One time, I practically camped out at the church office to try and get the date of her "Heavenly Birthday."  It worked, I got it. Whew!

Then one day, I felt so convicted, because I feel certain that my mother IS in heaven.  I wasn't sure what the point was to continue to have Masses said for her if she was already there.  I guess I initially thought the point was to get her out of purgatory.  (I am sure there are many things wrong with that statement- we can discuss later.)  And well if she was up there praising God, and kickin it at the banquet table, then what was the point???

Then I was thinking how we as Catholics believe the Mass is truly a communion between heaven and earth.  How at the moment of transubstantiation, all the angels and saints are ACTUALLY PRESENT at the Mass.  And then I had this fantastic image - that during the mass - the one that is being said for my mother - there is sort of reserved seat off to the side.  This reserved seat is specifically for the one who the mass is being said for and is in the front of this magnanimous throng of beings.  There is where my Mother would be sitting!!!  Right there in front, waving at me during the mass as if I was a kindergartner in a school play.


WOW!!!  That would be so cool.

Still the mass is about JESUS.  And both my mother, and I and all the earthly and heavenly beings are there for ONE purpose only - To be in the presence of JESUS.  But being in the presence of Jesus with my Mother who is now in heaven was an incredibly cool thought. 

Naturally I wanted to have EVERY mass said for my Mother, just so she could have that reserved seat each time.  But honestly I know my Mother would kill me, as she was way too humble to take that seat every mass.  She would much rather allow others to share in the experience, and so I refrained from booking the entire year.  I doubt they would have let me do that anyway.

I do wonder what heaven is like, since my Mom is there.  I know it is going to be AMAZING!  That song, "Party Rockin in the House Tonight" was one of my kids' favorites a few years ago, and I thought it was a pretty good description.  I literally imagine the Saints and Angels rejoicing and praising and dancing with Jesus ALL THE TIME.  I imagine lots of joy, laughter, frolicking, feasting, singing and dancing.  In some ways I can't wait to go, but not until it is my TIME. 


  1. I LOVE this entry.

    Love isn't a strong enough word. It's just not. This is SUCH a wonderful, comforting, beautiful perspective that it needs to be shared - far and wide. I'll be posting it to my FB page and sharing it with a friend of mine who has struggled recently with losing her own mother.

    I just... wow. This is so amazing. I love it so much, and I imagine the Holy Spirit must've nudged you in a very special way to visualize this.

    Thank you so much for sharing. <3 <3 <3

    Blessings to you AND your mother. :)

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed it. And even understood it!!!