Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Way to Go Saint Teresa of Calcutta!!!!

Hi Saint Teresa of Calcutta!    How are you?  Do you totally love your new status as saint?  What in heaven is that like? Did they throw a HUGE party for you up there?  I would like to think that is a pretty cool deal.  Canonization Day from Heaven's perspective....

What's that you said?  You said you were too busy celebrating Jesus to even care?  Oh Goodness, of course you were.   I mean he is the REAL DEAL.  I didn't mean to sound like I was putting you above him.  I know that would not be cool.

But here is the thing, Saint Teresa, (I still think that is super fun to call you!)  you did an amazing job caring for the poorest of the poor when you lived on earth.  You totally did NOT care about the status thing here, (So I have no idea why I asked you that in the first line of my letter. So human of me.) and you put 100 percent of all your effort into taking care of people.  From what I know about you it sounds like you really just did it one person at a time.  Is that how it was?  I guess I would love to know if you REALIZED how saintly you were while you being saintly?  I am thinking the answer to that is "No."

SO how did you do it?  Did you really just wake up and ask God, "Okay God, what's on our agenda today?"  I have no clue, but it does sound like something you would say.  (I have written before how much I would love to hear my own kids ask me that on a daily basis, so I'll bet GOD LOVES that.)

Yeah, I know.  I haven't asked God that in a while.

Wait a minute.

Oh No.  That's not why I started writing you.  I am TOO busy.  I can't possibly just start asking God what is on our Agenda today.  That is too dangerous.  Too risky.   Did I mention God gave me FIVE kids.  What if God's agenda involves helping someone, and I am late for work, or late to pick up my kids, or I slack off on some of my other really important jobs.

What's that you say?  You don't think God will ask me to do that?  You think he gave me these kids to LOVE and to help understand how amazing God is and that is what GOD wants me to do today?  He just wants me to love my kids everyday.

WOW God. THANKS FOR GIVING ME A SUCH A NICE JOB.  (I know that is not what I told you a couple of days ago.   heh heh.) (Wait a minute GOD, have you been listening to this conversation the whole time? I guess I knew that.)

So, just love my kids everyday.  And be open to whatever your agenda is for me.  I got it.

What about my Husband?

Hmmm?  I couldn't hear you very well. It sounded like you said something about loving him too.  Alright fine.  Of course.  I will love him too, when he starts loving me like your church.  Right?  (See God, I am reading your scripture! oh yeah baby, I just used God's word on God!!!)

What?!?! I am not miss quoting that! Okay, sorry God.  Yes, I realize that was very disrespectful of me. Sorry about that. Yes, I realize I am totally crazy when it comes to these sorts of conversations.

I will do better about acting kind and loving to my husband. I might need some more of your grace for that though...

Thanks, I needed that.

Anyway.  Good to talk to you God.  And good to talk to you too SAINT Teresa of Calcutta.  Congratulations on your new status.  I know you don't care much; being up there with Jesus pales in comparison to anything we celebrate down here.  But you are a great role model for us down here, and I am glad we have another example of how to follow God's will for lives everyday.

Thanks so much and God Bless!

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