Thursday, December 29, 2016

The need to be worshipped...

I realized the other day, that I have a sick and desperate desire to be worshiped.  Most of us probably do, without calling it that.  But isn't that what it is?

When I want to be acknowledged; when I want to be noticed; when I want to be appreciated; when I want to be adored; in reality I want what God really deserves.

That's a tough realization.

So I have been praying for God to release me from these desires.  Release me from the desire to be noticed.  Release me from the desire to be recognized.   Release me from the desire to be praised for anything I have ever done that could be praise-worthy.  Instead I have been praying to God that I be able to give HIM the praise.


You all probably think I am totally crazy now.  "That crazy women, I knew all those kids would get to her someday and make her crazy.  It has finally happened."

Yes.  It has.  I have completely lost it.  Now if I can only figure out a way to keep IT lost.

Oh boy, but this life we are all living.  We are bombarded with evil websites like Houzz, that make me want to paint every room in my house, and buy all new furniture, and have people come praise me on my decorating style.    Or the crazy hot moms that prance around in their lululemon and make me feel like if I buy 300 dollar leggings, my butt will look tight and firm like that too and people will check me out!  (I can't believe I just admitted all that!)   Even the crazy Mom Blogs where people write about how they hand made cookies and delivered them to every homeless person in the city make me want to do that, so I CAN be praised.

My little realization helped me see that is NOT the point.

There is an amazing woman at my church who every time I compliment her, responds by saying, "Thank you!  Glory to God!"  I will say something to her like, "Hey wonderful lady, I really loved what you shared last week about bla bla bla," and she will respond with, "glory to God,"   I will say to her, "That's a beautiful shirt on you."  She will respond with "Glory to God."

She gives ALL the glory to God for EVERYTHING.  I'll bet God receives that praise with JOY.

I mean think for a moment how incredibly happy if one of our kids sent every compliment every time back to us.  Can you imagine how happy that would make us for a moment????  Can you even pretend to imagine that?

"Great job on your test Luke!"  

"Thanks, my Mom did a great job helping me."

"Mattie you have such nice manners!"

"Thanks, my Mom did a great job teaching me how to behave."

Yeah, that would make me feel pretty good.  Now, how much more deserving is God of that praise because quite frankly If I EVER did a good job helping my son IT WAS WITH GOD'S HELP, and if I ever taught my kids how to behave.... well, alright I had nothing to do with that. That was ALL GOD.

Lord, let people notice you when I do something good.  Lord, let people praise you when I do something praise-worthy. Lord, let people admire you, when I do something

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