Monday, December 12, 2016

Who is even reading this???

SO I ask myself often.  Who am I writing to?  Why am I doing this?

Ill be honest, I am doing it for myself.  I enjoy it and it helps me think clearly to write things out.  For the most part this is a jumbled mess of a few fanatical ideas about my Catholic Faith, and how it relates to my life.  But who cares?

Maybe I make you laugh.  Maybe I have made you think. Maybe I have even made you angry.  But I do hope at the very least my craziness has intrigued. 

Most of what I write I post to the facebook page.  But you can also choose to follow me directly from this blog. 

There is a box in the right hand corner of this page, where if you put your email address there, you can have this nonsense sent directly to your inbox. 

Thanks everyone for all your support and interest!  If you have any favorite topics or questions, or things that have inspired you. Let me know!

Hope you all have a BLESSED Advent!


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