Friday, April 10, 2020

Covid 19 Antibodies

Imagine for a minute that someone you loved dearly was found to possess a certain antibody that contained the answer to a vaccine for Covid 19.

Imagine that this person was your son.  Imagine that in order to save the entire world from this virus that has caused so much death and destruction he would have to give his blood, ALL of his blood to create the vaccine that would cure the world.

Imagine making this heart wrenching decision, but knowing that your son’s memory on earth and soul would live on forever in heaven. In order to save humanity you allow this unfathomable event to take place.  You allow the sacrifice of your son for the sake of the human race.

Imagine that each year on the anniversary of your son’s sacrifice millions of people take time to remember your son, and give praise for the sacrifice you and he made for sake of the world.  But imagine also that millions of people don’t stop, even for a minute. They are saved but they do not give thanks, they do not pause to pray a prayer of praise. They don’t even care.

This Good Friday, remember the sacrifice that our Lord made for you. Remember to pause and offer praise to him for giving you life. His sacrifice is what has made it possible for us to live.  His sacrifice is what gives us hope for more than this world can offer.

This was adapted from a story told to me by a Youth Minister friend of mine. It is not original, but I thought worth passing along.

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