Why I am Catholic...

This is probably not a normal page to see on a Catholic Blogger's Blog.  But it is something I thought important to share.

As I have mentioned before my husband is NOT Catholic, and we actually go to two churches each Sunday.  This by no means is a convenient or easy thing to do with a family of seven.  But I can't think of a better way to handle the situation.

When I married my Husband, I knew he was a serious Baptist who loved his faith, and I was a serious Catholic who LOVED my faith.  We naively thought we could eventually convert the other, and I guess in a way are still trying.  You know how they say love is blind?  Yes..... it is.

But here is the thing, I love my husband.  He is isn't perfect.  But neither am I.  His faith and church is full of errors, but mine could improve in some ways also.  (Notice how I worded that.)   I have learned a lot from attending his church over the years about how children's programs, and small groups can do wonders for building community in a church.

I have also grown stronger in my Catholic faith, because I have someone questioning me about every belief, tradition, and practice.  It has forced me to look for answers, and as I found them, I have grown to LOVE my Catholic faith even more than before.

SO I have remained as strong as a Catholic as I have been able to.  Again I am NO SAINT, but I hope to be someday!!!

Maybe one of these days I will get around to writing some of my own apologetics, or re-posting some of the things that make the most sense to me.  And it all just seems to make sense to me.  That is why I am still Catholic.

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